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Does anybody know what the fuck "Yuuichiro Kumada" means? This is the drifter who wound up working at the Hikawa Shrine and fell in love with Rei in SM. His name seems to have no translation. I've looked in both my home dics and at one online one, and no dice. Can anyone help?

Alt. spelling: Yuuichirou
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Nevermind; my friend Rekka helped me with it. ^_^

Yuuichiro Kumada = Male first born son, bear in the rice field.

As opposed to a female first born son?!?! Look out Rei, there's a bear in your rice field.
First off, if you wanted to translate a Japanese name, you would want to find the kanji first. I tried looking for it, and didn't come up with any kanji. I guess he's not an important character to anyone. But, you can try this place if you haven't already.